Are you preparing for the GRE? Are you looking to get a better score on the Sentence Equivalence section of the test? If so, then this blog is just what you need! In this blog, we’ll be discussing three innovative ways that can help boost your GRE Sentence Equivalence score.

Read on and find out how these strategies can help boost your GRE Sentence Equivalence score on this part of the exam.

1. Leverage Contextual Clues

One way to maximize your GRE Sentence Equivalence score is to learn how to leverage contextual clues in questions. This strategy involves analyzing both sentence halves carefully and identifying any words or phrases that hint at an answer choice. By using context clues, you can narrow down potential answers and increase your chances of selecting the correct ones in less time.

2. Utilize Process of Elimination Techniques   

Another helpful tip for boosting your Sentence Equivalence scores is to utilize process-of-elimination techniques when answering questions. This technique involves eliminating answer choices that are obviously incorrect based on their definitions or usage patterns within sentences. Once eliminated, it becomes easier to select among the remaining options as they are more likely to be correct.

3. Make Use of Synonyms        

Finally, another great way to increase your scores on the Sentence Equivalence section of the GRE is to make use of synonyms. This involves finding words with similar meanings or contexts as those in question. By focusing on answer choices that are synonymic with keywords or phrases in questions, you can quickly narrow down a list and select more accurate answers.

With these strategies in place, you’ll be well prepared for success on the Sentence Equivalence portion of the GRE. So, start practicing today and put yourself one step closer to acing the exam! Good luck!

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