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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. – Nelson Mandela

At Anannt, we have updated ourselves to make the best utilization of the Online testing of ACT (American College Testing) unlike SAT. With the right diagnostic testing tools we understand the expertise of candidates lies in which of the two standardised tests. This eventually saves crucial time and efforts!

We understand the needs of this generation. We customize ACT preparation course to accommodate different learning styles and speeds.

Anannt Education ensures that the fundamentals of ACT subjects are firmly implanted in the minds of students. Tutors invest extensive efforts to help students learn essential number crunching techniques, which result in remarkable test scores. In this context, Anannt also offers online test preparation services that empower ACT aspirants to practice the application of their knowledge and gain problem-solving skills. In addition, Anannt's high quality coaching helps students gain confidence in their ability to perform at ACT.

SAT Exam – Test Structure

English: Grammer and Usage, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Strategy, Organisation, and Style

Math: Pre-Algebra,Elementary Algebra,Intermediate Algebra,Coordinate Geometry,Plane Geometry,Trigonometry

Reading: Reading skills are varied and include the ability to understand central ideas, locate details within a written text, decoding the flow of ideas, understanding cause/effect and comparisons, contextual understanding of phrases, and analyzing the tone and purpose of the author.

Science: The topics that are tested revolve around Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Sciences.

Writing: A short passage is given on a certain topic, which is accompanied by 3 different viewpoints on the same. Your task is to analyze the viewpoints, elucidate their merits/demerits, identify flaws in reasoning (if any), discuss caveats, contrast one argument against the others and discuss the scope of improvements.

Source: http://www.act.org

Section No. of Questions Timing
English 75 Questions (45 Minutes)
Math 60 Questions (60 Minutes)
Reading 40 Questions (35 Minutes)
Science 40 Questions (35 Minutes)
Writing 1 Essay 40 Minutes
Total Exam Time 3 Hours

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Margaret Williams

The shere enthusiasm of the faculties at Anannt Education in Dubai  will get you motivated. Believe me, its really easy to get distracted from our GRE preparation. I received great help from Labhesh sir and his team in Dubai branch  to achieve my target goal and stay focused.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and support, thanks for caring.

With years of experince of training thousand plus students for ACT, our trainers have gained the expertise and learnt the secrets of ACT!

We work with our students to:

  • Make sure the fundamentals are in place
  • Focus on typical time crunching techniques to solve questions and improve the score considerably
  • Learn from students errors and build up customised test taking strategies
  • Provide the best possible ACT assistance in the industry.

We use our one of its kind Online test- preparation service.

How To Prepare For SAT

Revise the fundamental concepts of Math and basic Grammar rules - Create your formula sheet

Understand your areas of Strenghts and weaknesses also with regards to accuracy and time

Take sectional tests to get a hang of timely solving and keep tracking your errors

Take a Diagnostic test form the Red book- Real ACT test

Priotize your preparation time for timely practice and effective applications of shortcuts/ tricks

Answer one analytical writing question everyday


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