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Labhesh Lodha

Strategy Mentor

When I look back to my test taking days as a student around a decade back, I remember the thrill of improving my skills and maximising my potential in the tests. Later as a trainer, helping others achieve their maximum potential has been the biggest thrill ever. Over a period of time, helping students get the best possible score with minimal efforts has become my passion.
The key realisation for us at Anannt is that ANYONE can absolutely nail the tests. This also serves as a constant motivation for us to strive for the optimal solutions. The possibility that we can potentially enable anyone to realise their dreams is what kicks us out of bed every morning.

Of course there is a caveat to this, Anyone can nail the tests provided they have one key ingredient – desire. That’s all that matters. No matter which test you plan to take – SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc. – as long as you have the desire, nothing can stop you from acing the tests.

The other element required other than desire is guidance, which is where our focus has been. We at Anannt believe that every student has a unique learning curve and the best performance comes from customising the training to the student’s unique ability as much as possible. Hence we modify our guidance for each student so that they achieve their best despite any shortcomings they may have.

The guidance is not limited to the study material and solving questions but extends to other essential aspects of test-taking like working on error patterns, customising the testing strategies, working on short term goals to achieve the final dream scores, and most importantly motivating students to stay on track.

The other aspect we are very focussed on is teaching methodology. We don’t want to burden students with orthodox theoretical material, in fact we persist with a teaching style that is unorthodox, uncomplicated and easy to understand. This has brought great results for our students and helps them approach the study with clarity and speed. Of course, having been students ourselves not too long ago has helped us focus on the student’s perspective.

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Our Team

Vishal Kshirsagar

Test Prep HOD, Math - Physics Prodigy

Breaking the most complex problem to the simplest form is Mr. Vishal’s speciality. His calm attitude and easiest approaches makes him the ideal teacher for standardised tests!

Nutan Singh

Operations Manager & English Language Expert

With more than 9 years of teaching experience Ms. Nutan has successfully trained 1000+ students. Her unique ability to connect with students makes her best at her job!

Why Anannt


Anannt firmly believes in customizing teaching plans as per the unique ability of each student.


We believe in unorthodox teaching so that we can cut through the clutter and make every study clear and easy to understand.

Anannt Tests

Anannt has its own online mock test platform that is AI enabled for a improved user experience.


Are you a re-taker? Let’s have a look at your 1st test to recognise error patterns, MTF etc.

We Care

We are passionate about the success of our students no matter how weak. If you have the desire, we will take responsibility.


We guarantee your success. If you’re a re-taker the results will be easy to guage. For 1st timers, we assure great test scores.

Trusted by parents
and students

Margaret Williams

The shere enthusiasm of the faculties at Anannt Education in Dubai  will get you motivated. Believe me, its really easy to get distracted from our GRE preparation. I received great help from Labhesh sir and his team in Dubai branch  to achieve my target goal and stay focused.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and support, thanks for caring.

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