Unlock Your Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Potential

The SAT Prep is crucial for students planning to study abroad, especially in the United States. The College Board, in collaboration with the Educational Testing Services (ETS), offers it four times a year internationally.

Register Early

Book your Dubai test slot early to avoid missing out. Popular centers fill up fast. The test costs $52 without the essay and $68 with it.

SAT Structure

The test has two main sections: Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), each scoring up to 800 points.

Mathematics Mastery

This section is split into two: 25 minutes without a calculator and 55 minutes with one. It includes multiple-choice questions and grid-ins.

Excelling in EBRW

The EBRW section has a 65-minute reading part and a 35-minute writing part. It tests your understanding through essays, paragraphs, graphs, and charts.

Optional Essay

Taking the SAT essay is your choice. It tests your writing over 50 minutes. Some universities might require it, so check beforehand.

Understanding Scores

SAT scores use percentiles, benefiting those who perform slightly better than peers. With no penalties for wrong answers, it’s easier to score higher.

Scholastic Assessment Test Worldwide

The SAT is accepted globally, not just in the U.S. Good scores can lead to scholarships in various countries.

Preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test

Start preparing three months before your test. Dubai students can use the summer break for intensive study.


Administered ByCollege Board/ETSACT Inc.
Cost$52 (without essay) / $68 (with essay)$46 (no writing section) / $62.50 (with writing section)
SectionsMathematics and EBRWEnglish, Math, Reading, Science
Test Duration3 hours (excluding essay) / 3 hours 50 minutes (including essay)3 hours 15 mins (excluding essay) / 3 Hours 55 mins (including writing)
ScoringPercentileAverage of section scores (1-36)

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