Welcome to our guide on AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism! This course is an exciting adventure into how electricity and magnetism work.

Getting Started

This course explores the magic behind electric and magnetic forces.

What You’ll Learn


  • First, we look at electric charges and how they create electric fields.
  • Then, we learn about electric potential, which is a bit like electric height.

Conductors and Capacitors:

  • Next, we find out how conductors can hold electric charges without going anywhere.
  • We also see how capacitors store electric energy, like batteries.


  • We’ll check out how electric circuits work, like the ones in your home.

Magnetic Fields:

  • Then, we explore magnetic fields, which are invisible but powerful.


  • Finally, we discover how electricity and magnetism are connected, making things like motors work.

Doing Experiments

Labs let you see and do what we’re learning about. It makes everything clearer.

The Exam

The AP exam tests what you know and how well you solve problems. It has two parts: one with short questions and another with longer problems.

Tips for Success

  • Really understand the ideas: It’s not about memorizing; it’s about understanding.
  • Practice a lot: Solving problems helps you get better.
  • Use your math skills: Math, especially calculus, is a big help.
  • Be curious: Always ask questions to understand deeper.

Help Along the Way

We have lots of resources, like simulations and guides in AP Physics C, to help you out.

Wrapping Up

This course can be tough, but it’s also very rewarding. With effort, you can do great!

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