Deciding between IELTS Paper vs Computer Test? The main difference is just the medium. Both tests have similar questions and formats. Your choice depends on what you’re comfortable with. Let’s break it down. Visit our website for for information Anannt education will help you to know more.

Why Choose Paper?


  1. Easily change your answers.
  2. Ideal if typing isn’t your strength.
  3. Extra 10 minutes in the listening section to transfer answers.
  4. Writing by hand feels more natural for some.


  1. Harder to edit your work.
  2. Longer wait for results.
  3. Messy handwriting could be an issue.

Why Go for Computer?


  1. Highlight important points easily.
  2. Fast typers and those with poor handwriting benefit.
  3. Copy and paste your answers. Finding a test slot is easier.
  4. Adjust text size. See word count while writing.


  1. Must be good at typing.
  2. Can’t check answers after time’s up.
  3. The constant timer might stress you out.
  4. Long screen time could strain your eyes.
  5. Just 2 minutes to review listening answers.

Choosing What’s Best for You

Both options IELTS Paper vs Computer Test have their advantages. Generally, the computer test might seem easier. But, if typing slows you down, think twice. IELTS tests your time management as much as your English skills. Choose what helps you perform best.

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