Strategies to Crack GMAT Reading Comprehension

Strategies to Crack GMAT Reading Comprehension

Are you looking to ace the GMAT reading comprehension section? Here are five great strategies to help you get the most out of the test and maximize your score!

1. Read the Instructions Carefully

Before you start any section of the GMAT, make sure that you’ve read all of the instructions provided. Henceforth, you will be able to efficiently use your time on this section and won’t miss out on important points.

2. Understand Your Weaknesses

Before starting any practice tests or questions, take a few minutes to reflect on your weaknesses in reading comprehension. Are there certain words or topics that confuse you? What kind of passages do you find difficult to comprehend? Knowing what needs improvement is key in preparing yourself for any test day..

3. Know How To Spot Keywords & Main Ideas

Recognizing key phrases and main ideas quickly is essential in getting through as many questions. To hone this skill, keep an eye out for ‘trigger words’ such as ‘but’, ‘however’, ‘therefore’ etc., which signal a change in direction/main idea within a passage.

4. Practice Timed Tests

After having acquired some tips and tricks on how to attack reading comprehension questions effectively and efficiently, it is important to put these into practice with timed tests so that when test day comes around, you won’t feel overwhelmed by answering multiple choice questions within a limited amount of time like those found on the actual GMAT exam itself. Taking practice tests not just helps one develop better time-management skills but also equip them with more confidence come test day itself!

5. Take Practice Tests and Review Mistakes

Last but not least, take notes (in brief!) as well as summarize key points from a passage after reading it once as this helps us digest information quicker and build understanding better than merely re-reading lengthy passages over and over again without absorbing much new knowledge from it! Doing so also prevents us from wasting precious time (which we definitely don’t want!) while tackling other parts of the GMAT exam itself!

We hope these five strategies help you to Crack GMAT Reading Comprehension! Good luck!

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