Steps to follow a week before SAT Exam

Steps to follow a week before SAT Exam

The SAT is a pivotal moment in your academic journey, measuring not just what you’ve learned but how effectively you can apply it under pressure. With week before SAT , it’s natural to feel a mix of anticipation and anxiety. However, this final stretch is your opportunity to solidify your preparation and approach exam day with confidence. Steps to follow a week before SAT Exam:

Daily Practice

  • Tackle a few questions every day. Consistent practice sharpens your test-taking skills.

Review Key Concepts

  • Brush up on grammar rules and math formulas. These basics can boost your scores significantly.

Learn from Past Mistakes

  • Analyze errors in previous exams. Understanding these can help you avoid them in the actual test.

Calculator Check

  • Ensure your calculator works and is SAT-approved. This can speed up your math section.

Mock Tests

  • Complete at least two mock exams. Assess your accuracy to gauge your preparedness.

Rest Well

  • Balance study with rest. Proper rest is crucial for peak performance on exam day.

Balance Is Key

  • Prioritize Rest: Importantly, balance your rigorous study plan with adequate rest. A well-rested mind performs best.

Focus on Revision

  • Avoid new topics. Concentrate on revising what you already know.

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5 Must know Grammar rules to improve SAT Writing score

5 Must know Grammar rules to improve SAT Writing score

Introduction: Your Path to Grammar rules to SAT writing.

Boosting your grammar rules for SAT Writing and Language section is crucial. This part asks 44 questions about grammar and style. Knowing the College Board’s practice tests is key because they show what you’ll see on the SAT.

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Keep It Short

First off, shorter is usually better. The SAT likes concise answers that are still correct and keep the original sentence’s meaning. Aim for brief and clear sentences.

Choosing Words Carefully

Next, picking the right word is super important. The best word fits perfectly and makes the sentence flow well.

Learn Punctuation

  • Semicolons and Periods: Use them to connect two full sentences.
  • Colons: They introduce lists or explanations after a complete sentence.
  • Dashes: These add extra info or highlight something important.
  • Contractions: An apostrophe shows where letters are missing.
  • Possessive Pronouns: Remember, they don’t need apostrophes.

Watch Out for ‘NO CHANGE’

Also, don’t get tricked by ‘NO CHANGE’. Make sure the underlined part follows grammar rules.

Fixing Modifiers

Finally, watch for misplaced modifiers. Put modifiers near the word they describe to keep your sentence clear.

Conclusion: Get Ahead with Grammar

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