Getting Ready for the SAT Reading Section

The SAT Reading section might seem tough, but it’s all about tackling 52 questions in 65 minutes, based on five different passages. Each passage is between 500-750 words, and they can either stand alone or come in pairs.

Starting Off

Quick Peek: Always start by reading the short introduction to get a sense of what the passage is about. This helps you get ready for what you’re about to read.

Quick Look: Skim through the passage to get a general idea before you dive into the questions. This is like looking at a map before starting a journey.

Reading Smart

Look at the Questions First: Knowing what you’re looking for makes finding answers easier.

Spot the Important Stuff: Keep an eye out for important details. Underline or make short notes if that helps.

Pick Your Battles: Start with the questions you feel good about to boost your confidence.

Working with Two Passages

One at a Time: Focus on understanding the first passage fully before you move to the second.

Find Differences and Similarities: Notice what sets the passages apart and what they have in common.

Dive Deeper into Reading

Understand the Structure: Knowing how the passage is organized can help you find answers more quickly.

Use Line References: They point you to where you can find answers, but always read a bit around them to get the full picture.

Mastering Words and Answers

Context Clues: Figure out new words by looking at the words around them.

Stick to the Text: Your answers should be based on information from the passage.

Narrow Down Choices: If you’re not sure, eliminate answers that don’t fit to improve your chances of picking the right one.

Be Careful with Extremes: Avoid answers that sound too absolute or too general.

Boosting Your SAT Score

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