Are you planning to take the International English Language Testing System
(IELTS) examination? If the answer is yes, then you must be aware of the facts
and steps involved in registration. The computer-based IELTS is conducted at
authorized test centres, and certain criteria need to be met before one can
take the test.

Here are some steps on how you can register for computer-based IELTS.

  1. Know your Eligibility Criteria

The first step in registering for the IELTS exam is determining if you meet all
the eligibility requirements or not. You must meet all criteria set by the British
Council or IDP Education to be eligible for taking the test. Generally, it requires
a valid passport and proof of ID with a photograph to register for IELTS. So
before registering for this exam, make sure that you meet all basic eligibility

  1. Create an Account Online

After checking your eligibility, create an account online on either British
Council or IDP Education websites. If you already have an account on both
websites, then use them to log in directly. Once logged in, fill out all details
such as name, address and contact number accurately as they will appear on
your registered documents. After filling out all information, select a payment
method and click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page to complete your
registration process.

  1. Choose Your Test Date & Venue

Before selecting a date and venue for your computer-based IELTS
examination, you must check the availability of seats at your
preferred locations as well as dates available for booking them on either
British Council or IDP Education websites. Once you’re done with choosing a
suitable date & time slot from available options, proceed with making the payment
required towards the completion of your booking process. Selecting an
appropriate date & venue will also help ensure timely results delivery after
completing your exam successfully.

  1. Receive Confirmation Email

Once everything has been booked successfully, both sites will send you a
confirmation email along with other necessary details including date & time
for your registered examination centre as well as address along with other
important instructions about attending the exam hall like personal
identification documents required etc., Make sure that these details are
before appearing for the actual test day so that there is no
inconvenience caused later on due to incorrect information provided upon
registration process completion earlier.

  1. Prepare Adequately

Now it’s time to focus on preparing adequately by taking practice tests online
as well as reviewing notes from past tests/experiences shared online by other
successful students which will help boost confidence level and give better
understanding about format/structure of the exam & kind of questions asked
during actual test day so that one could perform excellently while appearing in
front of the examiner at the designated test centre location mentioned above. Finally
don’t forget to bring hard copies of the confirmation email containing essential
details essential documents like passport etc., most importantly arrive at least
15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time so that last-minute issues such as
verifying identity etc., can be taken care off swiftly. Enjoy! Good Luck!

Visit IELTS Website for More Info

For detailed information on the entire registration process & other related queries, visit the official websites of the British Council or IDP Education where you will find all essential resources such as sample question papers and tips to maximize your score. You can also contact their customer service representatives in case of any assistance required while registering for the IELTS examination.

So don’t wait anymore, visit these sites and get started with the preparation today! Good luck!