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    I took the August 26th 2023 attempt of the SAT and got a score of 1540 - 750 in R&W and 790 in Maths. I am extremely thankful to Anannt Education for preparing me extremely well for the SAT. Nutan ma'am and Vishal sir were available 24/7 to answer any doubts I had and they really helped me strengthen my concepts. The large number of practice tests, sectional mocks, and full length mocks helped me practice everyday and prepare extremely well for the SAT. I would recommend anyone preparing for the SAT to consider Anannt Education!
    Satvik Gupta
    Satvik Gupta
    Anannt Education has thoroughly helped me achieve a good score on the SAT by providing me with tips and tricks to the questions asked.
    Shreyas Rajesh
    Shreyas Rajesh
    Excellent place to send your child for SAT preparations. The faculty ensures that every child is given equal attention and all doubts are addressed.
    Rohin Srikanth
    Rohin Srikanth
    Highly recommended. They really care to produce good results out of a student. My son took their classes and I could feel in many situations that Mr Labhesh really cared about my son's results. What more can we expect?
    Very good …. Helps in focused preparation..
    Shravan Kandala
    Shravan Kandala
    My daughter has got an AP preperation course at Anannt Education LLC, we were very happy for the tutor Ms.Nutan, she was perfectly supervised
    planlama harita
    planlama harita
    My experience with Anannt has been a pleasant one. Being an intern the company provided me the experience and opportunity. I was taught new things related to WordPress and websites. It was truly a pleasure working here.
    Jahnavi Angiras
    Jahnavi Angiras
    Amazing experience! I attended Anannt Education's internship on WEB APP development which was for 10 days. I learnt about editing blogs, boosting SEO, backlinks and alot more by gaining special access to their website and learning from professionals.
    Amishi Seth
    Amishi Seth
    All the teachers here were great and amazing. I had joined their internship program on 'WEB APP Development' and learnt a great lot of things from them. They provided us with post to edits and we were able to create dynamic websites. It was fun learning from them.
    Bindiya Bhandari
    Bindiya Bhandari

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    AP Computer Science A Syllabus

    🖥️ Unit 1: Primitive Types (2.5%–5% of exam score)

    Basics Covered:

    • ✅ Primitive data types: int, double, and Boolean.
    • ✅ Arithmetic expressions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
    • ✅ Assignment operators for storing values.
    • ✅ Operator sequencing in expressions for results.

    🤖 Unit 2: Using Objects (5%–7.5% of exam score)

    Key Concepts:

    • ✅ Objects & classes: instances, attributes, behaviors.
    • ✅ Constructors: with/without parameters.
    • ✅ Class libraries: Integer, Double.
    • ✅ Object methods: static, Math class, and String manipulation.
    • ✅ APIs and libraries for complex operations.

    ✅ Unit 3: Boolean Expressions and if Statements (15%–17.5% of exam score)

    Logic Building:

    • ✅ Boolean values with relational operators: ==, !=, <, >, <=, >=.
    • ✅ Conditional statements: if, else, else if for multiple outcomes.
    • ✅ Equivalent Boolean expressions using logical operators: &&, ||, !.

    🔁 Unit 4: Iteration (17.5%–22.5% of exam score)

    Looping Techniques:

    • ✅ Creating loops: for, while for repeated execution.
    • ✅ Standard algorithms: arithmetic-based and String.
    • ✅ Nested loops for complex operations.

    📝 Unit 5: Writing Classes (5%–7.5% of exam score)

    Class Design:

    • ✅ Class structure: public/private attributes.
    • ✅ Constructors for object attributes.
    • ✅ Method definitions: non-void, void, static.
    • ✅ Problem-solving by breaking into smaller parts with methods.
    • ✅ Ethical programming: intellectual property concerns.

    📦 Unit 6: Array (10%–15% of exam score)

    Array Manipulation:

    • ✅ Creating and using arrays for related items.
    • ✅ Array traversal with iteration.
    • ✅ Algorithms: searching, sorting, filtering.

    📝 Unit 7: ArrayList (2.5%–7.5% of exam score)

    Dynamic Collections:

    • ArrayList for object reference data.
    • ✅ Traversing ArrayList with loops.
    • ✅ Algorithms with ArrayList: search, sort, filter.
    • ✅ Ethical data collection issues.

    🌐 Unit 8: 2D Array (7.5%–10% of exam score)

    Advanced Data Structures:

    • ✅ Using 2D arrays for collections of data.
    • ✅ Nested loops for traversing 2D arrays.

    🧬 Unit 9: Inheritance (5%–10% of exam score)

    Object-Oriented Principles:

    • ✅ Superclasses and subclasses for grouping objects.
    • ✅ Method overriding in inheritance hierarchies.
    • ✅ Polymorphism with superclass and subclass objects.

    ➰ Unit 10: Recursion (5%–7.5% of exam score)

    Recursive Programming:

    • ✅ Writing recursive methods.
    • ✅ Algorithms: binary search, merge sort.
    AP Computer Science A Exam Structure

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    • Content: This section includes individual questions and occasional sets of two questions.
    • Tasks:
      • Determine the required code segments to produce a given output.
      • Identify the output value or result of given program code based on initial values.
      • Analyze program code for correctness, equivalence, and errors.
      • Describe the behavior and conditions that lead to results in a program.
    • Format: Consists of 40 questions.
    • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Weight: Accounts for 50% of the total exam score.

    Section 2: Free Response

    • Content: This section requires written responses to four questions, covering:
      1. Methods and Control Structures: Writing program code to create objects of a class, call methods, and satisfy method specifications using expressions, conditional statements, and iterative statements.
      2. Classes: Writing program code to define a new type by creating a class and satisfy method specifications using expressions, conditional statements, and iterative statements.
      3. Array/ArrayList: Writing program code to satisfy method specifications and create, traverse, and manipulate elements in 1D array or ArrayList objects.
      4. 2D Array: Writing program code to satisfy method specifications and create, traverse, and manipulate elements in 2D array objects.
    • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Weight: Accounts for 50% of the total exam score.