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    I took the August 26th 2023 attempt of the SAT and got a score of 1540 - 750 in R&W and 790 in Maths. I am extremely thankful to Anannt Education for preparing me extremely well for the SAT. Nutan ma'am and Vishal sir were available 24/7 to answer any doubts I had and they really helped me strengthen my concepts. The large number of practice tests, sectional mocks, and full length mocks helped me practice everyday and prepare extremely well for the SAT. I would recommend anyone preparing for the SAT to consider Anannt Education!
    Satvik Gupta
    Satvik Gupta
    Anannt Education has thoroughly helped me achieve a good score on the SAT by providing me with tips and tricks to the questions asked.
    Shreyas Rajesh
    Shreyas Rajesh
    Excellent place to send your child for SAT preparations. The faculty ensures that every child is given equal attention and all doubts are addressed.
    Rohin Srikanth
    Rohin Srikanth
    Highly recommended. They really care to produce good results out of a student. My son took their classes and I could feel in many situations that Mr Labhesh really cared about my son's results. What more can we expect?
    Very good …. Helps in focused preparation..
    Shravan Kandala
    Shravan Kandala
    My daughter has got an AP preperation course at Anannt Education LLC, we were very happy for the tutor Ms.Nutan, she was perfectly supervised
    planlama harita
    planlama harita
    My experience with Anannt has been a pleasant one. Being an intern the company provided me the experience and opportunity. I was taught new things related to WordPress and websites. It was truly a pleasure working here.
    Jahnavi Angiras
    Jahnavi Angiras
    Amazing experience! I attended Anannt Education's internship on WEB APP development which was for 10 days. I learnt about editing blogs, boosting SEO, backlinks and alot more by gaining special access to their website and learning from professionals.
    Amishi Seth
    Amishi Seth
    All the teachers here were great and amazing. I had joined their internship program on 'WEB APP Development' and learnt a great lot of things from them. They provided us with post to edits and we were able to create dynamic websites. It was fun learning from them.
    Bindiya Bhandari
    Bindiya Bhandari

    Meet Our Faculty

    At Anannt Education LLC, our Academic Head stands out with an innovative approach to teaching that has significantly elevated student outcomes on SAT, GRE, GMAT, and AP exams. With over 6 years of experience in Dubai’s educational landscape, they specialize in personalized instruction tailored to each student’s unique learning style. This method not only enhances academic performance but also fosters a love for learning. Our Academic Head’s blend of strategic leadership and passionate teaching ensures our students are well-equipped for success, making them a pivotal part of our faculty’s excellence.
    Vishal Kshirsagar

    Test Prep HOD, AP Physics 1

    Elevate AP Journey: With Anannt Education

    Course Structure 📚
    • 40+ Hours of Learning 🕒: Interactive sessions, in-person & online.
    • Small Batches 👥: Max 10 students for personalized focus.
    • Custom Plans 🎯: Diagnostic tests tailor your study journey.
    • Regular Assessments ✔️: Advanced testing portal for constant improvement.
    Study Material 📖
    • Expert Tutors 👩‍🏫: Personalized guidance from seasoned pros.
    • Rich Resources 📈: Detailed notes, video tutorials, and topic-wise tests.
    • Mock Tests 📝: 5 full-length exams for a real test experience.
    • Online Portal 💻: Quizzes and explanations for deeper learning.
    Anannt Advantage ✨
    • Dedicated Mentors 🌟: Celebrated for exceptional mentorship.
    • Holistic Approach 🔄: Blends guidance, support, and materials for success.
    • Proven Methods 📊: Achieve excellence with our tested teaching strategies.
    • Unlock Potential 🔓: Realize your ambitions and excel in AP Physics 1.

    AP Physics 1 Syllabus

    Unit 1: Kinematics 🛤️ (12%–18% of Exam Score)

    • Position, Velocity, and Acceleration ✔️: Learn the ABCs of motion—where things are, how fast they’re going, and how quickly they speed up or slow down.
    • Representations of Motion 📊: From graphs to equations—discover how to sketch and interpret the story of moving objects.

    Unit 2: Dynamics 💪 (16%–20% of Exam Score)

    • Systems 🌌: Understand how physical systems respond to external forces.
    • The Gravitational Field 🍏: Explore gravity’s pull on objects and learn to calculate gravitational forces.
    • Contact Forces 👐: Delve into friction, tension, and other forces at play between touching objects.
    • Newton’s Laws of Motion 📜:
      • First Law: Objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon.
      • Second Law: Force equals mass times acceleration.
      • Third Law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    • Free-Body Diagrams 🖊️: Learn to diagram the forces acting upon objects

    Unit 3: Circular Motion and Gravitation 🔄 (6%–8% of Exam Score)

    • Vector Fields 🧭: Navigate the world of vectors for quantities with direction and magnitude.
    • Fundamental Forces 🌐: Grasp the four fundamental forces, including gravity and electromagnetism.
    • Gravitational Field/Acceleration due to Gravity 🌍: How gravity varies across planets.
    • Centripetal Acceleration vs. Centripetal Force 🎢: Understand circular motion’s dynamics.
    • Free-Body Diagrams for Circular Motion 🔄: Apply your diagramming skills to objects moving in circles

    Unit 4: Energy 🔋 (20%–28% of Exam Score)

    • Open and Closed Systems 🔓: Study energy transfer and conservation.
    • Work and Mechanical Energy 💼: Connect the dots between work done and energy gained or lost.
    • Conservation of Energy and Power 💡: Dive deep into how energy is conserved and calculated.

    Unit 5: Momentum 🏈 (12%–18% of Exam Score)

    • Momentum and Impulse 💥: Explore the impact of forces over time.
    • Conservation of Momentum ⚖️: Learn how momentum is conserved in collisions and explosion

    Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion 🎼 (4%–6% of Exam Score)

    • Period of Simple Harmonic Oscillators ⏳: Study the rhythmic back-and-forth motion of springs and pendulums.
    • Energy of a Simple Harmonic Oscillator 🔁: See how kinetic and potential energy trade places in harmonic motion

    Unit 7: Torque and Rotational Motion 🔄 (12%–18% of Exam Score)

    • Rotational Kinematics 🎡: Learn the angular version of motion’s ABCs.
    • Torque and Angular Acceleration 🔧: Discover the twist and turns of rotational dynamics.
    • Angular Momentum 🌀: Understand the conservation of rotational motion
    🎓 AP Physics 1 Exam Structure 🎓

    Section I: Multiple Choice 📝✔️

    • Duration: ⏳ 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Composition: 📊 50 questions.
    • Score Weight: ⚖️ Counts for 50% of your total exam score.
    • Question Types:
      • Discrete Questions: 🧩 Individual questions covering various topics.
      • Question Sets: 📚 Groups of questions based on a common set of information or data.
    • Special Features:
      • Multi-Select Questions: ✅ Out of the total, 5 questions will require you to select 2 correct answers out of the given options. This tests your in-depth knowledge and understanding.

    Section II: Free Response 🖊️💡

    • Duration: ⏳ 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Composition: 🖋️ 5 free-response questions.
    • Score Weight: ⚖️ Also accounts for 50% of your total exam score.
    • Question Types:
      • Experimental Design (1 question): 🔬 Design an experiment to explore a physical phenomenon, including hypothesis formation and identification of variables.
      • Qualitative/Quantitative Translation (1 question): ↔️ Translate between qualitative descriptions and quantitative expressions related to a physics concept.
      • Short Answer: Paragraph Argument (1 question): 📝 Construct a coherent argument or explanation in paragraph form.
      • Short Answer (2 questions): 📌 Answer questions concisely, focusing on specific concepts or calculations.

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